Friday, July 15, 2011

Joburg Bloggers Evening was BA-NA-NAS!

On Tuesday evening whilst avoiding studying and browsing through Marie Clairvoyant, I happened to stumble across a notice inviting all Joburg blogger's for some tea and cake at Wolves, Corlett Drive. I had already made plans but decided to cancel everything and go check it out... Needless to say it was a great decision!

My sister, who also dabbles in blogging (see her blog here: canvas ivory boots) was supposed to join me but caught a flight to Cape Town instead, so I went alone which was kind of daunting. Walking into a room of fifty woman you don't know who are all stylish, talented and who's blogs' are well known and successful was pretty intimidating! However, within minutes Angie from Lucky Pony had pored me a glass of red wine and girls were coming up to me to introduce themselves (and their blog).  Awkward greetings soon turned into long conversations, giggles and friendships made. I had such a lovely time, drank lots of wine, ate delicious red velvet cupcakes and discovered new and exciting blogs to follow!

I like how Sarah from The Angelheaded Hipster put it: "Not too many people understand the passion(or obsessiveness) of blogging and here, in one room, were people who got it."

 Wolves hot chocolate mustache and one of their famous red velvet cupcakes (only R12).

Super sweet Sindi-Leigh of Just Let Them Eat Cake looked gorgeous in a  high-top bun, coral kaftan, rose-gold embroidered scarf and LV sling bag. I especially liked her long lilac nails and intersting gold rings.

The lovely Lou whose blog I can't seem to find yet and Amy with her cute half-moon mani.

Everyone was a photographer last night, including me! 

Lou, Roxy of City Girl Searching (click link to check out her cool pics of the night) and I made friends quickly. They even let me keep all my stuff in their handbags because I hadn't brought one (I cant stand carrying a bag when I go out - which was a bit silly of me because I lugged in my sister's pro-camera, my Moleskine reporter's notebook, a pen, car keys, lipgloss and my iphone.) Thanks girls, you saved the day!
Just when I thought the evening couldn't get any better, I was fortunate (blessed actually) to win a Kodak 'easy share touch' camera! It's so cool! Not only does it feature a high res touchscreen LCD screen; HD video recording with on-camera editing; face recognition; and artistic effects (perfect for grainy blog pics), it also has a an awesome 'share' option where, with the touch of a button, it tags and shares pics with social- networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr!

For the list of all the lovely local bloggers who attended and their blogs click here

A big thank you to Angie, Nicki and Natasha (of Raising Men - who posted that she thinks my blog is beautiful and can't get off it -very kind of her) for organizing a wonderful evening!
 Oh and thanks for not jumping me in the parking lot for my Kodak Angie!

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