Monday, July 11, 2011

Sally Hansen Review

Ok so I have a bit of Sally Hansen addiction! These are the ones I've bought recently:

 A couple of weeks ago (6 to be exact) my nails were at the hyponychium (informally known as the "quick") so I decided to go on a nail-growing mission and now my tips are 5 mm long! Everyone thinks they're fake, which is great. Here's how I did it:

1. Shape* (file nails in one direction from each side of the nail towards the centre to prevent splitting)
2. Cuticles (soak and push back when moist with cuticle stick)
3. Apply nail growth formula or base coat
4. Apply two coats of nail polish (I like red** it looks great on short nails and hides any imperfections so I'm not tempted to fiddle with them whilst they're growing + they look pretty so it's an incentive to keep at it)
5. Add top coat and then cuticle oil*
6. Get some 'nailspiration' pics and keep them on your desktop, these were mine:

Ok, who's looking at the nails anyway.

KEEP AWAY FROM THE MOUTH! Think: "... long and pointy, long and pointy, long and pointy!" 

*I carry an emery board and cuticle oil with me so that when I'm tempted to bite I use the board and not my teeth to fix the snag + I rub cuticle oil in now and then. It's almost like chewing gum instead of smoking. Sounds gross but those who bite will understand!
**This step is essential

Here are my (real) nails at the moment (view and weep):
Now I just have to give them a bit more of an oval, pointy shape and voila!

pictures: vogue and sally hansen

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